A Mystery Simpson Episode

We bloggers hadn’t seen much of one of two remaining Irish Open champions (with Patrick Clarke!) Ian Simpson for a while, owing to him having been sequestered up on the feature table, so we were delighted when he arrived back in the tournament room proper. The move back to the main floor doesn’t seem to have been to his liking so far though – he’s just dropped 155k in a mysterious preflop raising war with Conor Phelan. The action looked like so:

Simpson, hijack: raised to 17k

Evangelos Bechrakis: called on the button

Phelan: made it 67k from the big blind

Simpson: four-bet to 155k

Bechrakis: very quickly got out of their way

Phelan: pushed all in for around 590k

Simpson: folded and immediately noted something down on his phone.

He’s down to 440k now, a little below average. Your guess is as good as ours…

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