A touch of madness at table 58

All is well and amicably resolved at table 58, despite what might have been heard far and wide. Nick O’Hara, having done this a long time, has the handle of things. Though we must say, it took a bit of time on account of the consternation of certain players sat at the table.

“It is your responsibility to count your chips!” we heard an animated Deborah Worley-Roberts shouting, at what we presume (and sincerely hope) was the top of her lungs. Variations of this point were made time and again while the able floor staff tried to cut through the noise.

The issue, and everyone seemed agreed on this point, that Espen Sandvik had found himself short of a full starting stack, some 10k short. A mite bit curiously, the total chips on the table were counted and 240k (the correct total) was in play. Mr. Sandvik was not pointing any fingers, much to his credit, but did make inquiries about being restored his missing 10k.

In the end, the chips were restored and with it so was order.

Cards can be seen moving once again to the hopeful hands circled around table 58.

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