Ahuja Daddy?

Ankit Ahuja, whom you may remember from the other night’s Irish Open High Roller Championship final table and also such other escapades as bubbling the Main Event final table last year, is looking in extremely good shape as we approach the latter stages of Day 1b.

In the big blind with Kh 2h Td 3d on the board, Ahuja bet 4.8k to what I suspect was a check from Leonardo Mancuso in the small blind. Mancuso now raised to 11k, and after a pause, Ahuja called.

The river was the 7s, and Mancuso first tanked up for a bit and then checked. Now it was Ahuja’s turn to disappear into the tank. When he emerged, he stuck in a massive 42.5k bet, leaving himself just 15k or so behind. Mancuso looked absolutely at a loss, but made the call – and was utterly horrified to see that Ahuja’s 7h-7c had rivered a set, rendering his own Kd-9d completely useless.

Ahuja is up to 127k, while Mancuso’s basically back to his 30k starting stack.

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