Alan Trueick eliminated in 10th (€17,500)

We were five handed on the outer table and it folded around to short stack Alan Trueick in the small blind. He had 1.83 million in front of him and we were up to 60k/120k/120k in terms of blinds and antes. Max Silver in the big blind was in the bottom three of the counts, but had Trueick covered, with something like 2.8 million.

“All in” Trueick declared.

“How much is that?” Silver asked the dealer in a whisper.

1.83 million was the count given. Silver checked the tournament information. He was not too happy about his spot, but seemed to feel he could not get away from whatever was under those two cards. Advanced ICM calculations were surely machinating inside his head.


Silver turned over the Ad 2d and Trueick revealed the possibly light shove, Th 4c. The latter was all-in and at-risk.

The flop came Ah Td Ks, a pair each for the pair. A lot of money was riding on this in terms of laddering. Silver turned aces up on the 2c turn. It was a ten and only a ten or Trueick would be eliminated and we would be down to our final nine players.

The river was the 5h. Silver shook Trueick’s hand and play stopped to redraw at nine.

We are down to one last table. We will end the day at 8 players or we will finish this level with 9. Either way it has been quite a ride. Seat draw and chip counts upcoming!

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