All Change in the High Roller

In between Max Silver’s frequent all-in-pre moves (uncalled on the final table so far), Marc Macdonnell doubled up to 340k through Keith Johnson, calling his shove on the button with Ad Js (Johnson, in the cutoff, showed 9d Td).  The board: Qs Kh 3d 6h Th, which someone helpfully pointed out from the rail was a straight…

Then Daniel Wilson took a big hit, calling Patrice Brandt’s cutoff shove with As Qd and finding himself against Ad 6d.  It’s never easy, and sometimes it’s downright hard: The Qc 5d 7d flop was dangerous, the 4s turn too, and the 8c river made a straight.  As was pointed out from the rail.  Marc Macdonnell now has a fit of the giggles and Brandt has 580k.

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