Alper, Brophy Double to Face the Bubble

“Ace-king of clubs,” Tim Farrelly was telling anyone and everyone, “I had the ace-king of clubs.” This occurred not long after he’d opened to 12k, only for Miguel Coussement to make it 29.5k and Steven Alper to make it All In for 91.5k. Farrelly really didn’t like to let the hand go, but let it go he did, and was soon rewarded when Coussement made the call and revealed Qh-Qc while Alper turned over Ks-Kd. How could Farrelly have known that the board would roll out Kh 6c Tc 3h 8c? No-one, that’s who. Farrelly’s on 150k, Coussement’s dropped to 180k, and Alper’s doubled up to 200k.


Meanwhile Fergal Brophy has survived getting his last in with 9s-9c against Mitch Johnson’s Jh-8c, the board rolling out a harmless Qs 3s Qd 6h As. Brophy’s at a still somewhat precarious 100k even after that.

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