An orbit in the life of Daiva Byrne

Not every orbit is an exciting one, but we were lucky enough to circle around Daiva Byrne’s table for some eight hands just now as she got her grind on. It hardly disappointed.

The easily dispatched (Niel Rawnsley)

On the button: A man suddenly hiding behind sunglasses, we didn’t get his name (it is not that important, turns out), raised it up in early position on the relative short stack. When it came round to Byrne she peered across the table and made inquiries into the depth of his stack. He had opened to 1,100 (the big blind being 500). Byrne three-bet to 2,600, once satisfied with her inspection. She was jammed on in short order, for something close to 12k, and snapped it off with Jd Jc. Her rival could only muster 4d 4s. The board ran out Ac 8s 3d 9c Ad and her orbit was off to an exciting start.

After folding the next three hands, Byrne raised under the gun to 1,100. It folded all the way around to the big blind, a Pierre Lewandowski, defended with a call. The flop appeared, a dry Ks 8c 2h, and Lewandowski check-called a 1,200 continuation bet. Scintillating stuff, you say. Well the 2d turn checked through and the dealer placed the 5d river at the end of the board. Lewandowski led out 2k with much confidence. Then, with no hesitation, Byrne min-raised to just 4k.

Lewandowski looked pained and vexed, possibly because he was both these things. Surely he couldn’t fold for the price? That seemed to be the hesitancy of his thought process. He took his time, but eventually surrendered his hand. What did either of them have? We guess that is in fact the beauty of this game. We may never know for certain. What a time to be alive.

A rematch was on in blind versus blind the very next hand. When it came to Lewandowski, he raised in the small and Byrne defended in the big. It was not a tale of epic length, however, as the Ac Ad Kd flop saw a 1k continuation bet from Lewandowski and an instant fold from Byrne.

In the last hand we chronicled the player one off the button, Antony Friel, opened the pot to 1k, was flatted by Lewandowski, Byrne, and the big blind. The 9c 5d 3c flop checked to the button, Lewandowski bet 2.5k and only Byrne called. A proper rubber match! Who would prevail? The turn was the Qh, check from Byrne, 4.8k now was the bet size this time from Lewandowski, and he bet it instantly too we should note. Byrne, not easily flummoxed, called.

The river was the 2s. Byrne checked and Lewandowski emptied the clip… but for only 3.5k on the river (unless there was a sneaky 5k green chip under there we somehow missed). Whatever the size was, Byrne gave it up. She didn’t seem to much consider calling.

All in all quite the eventful orbit, and the ultimate result, more chips than before, a trip from under 20k to over 30k.

The grind continues as we all orbit the sun.




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