Andreas Wiborg Suddenly Busts via Back to Back Hands (12th for €17,500)

You concentrate for three days, you build a decent stack, you have the final table in your sights, and then suddenly you find yourself on the rail.  That’s if you’re Andreas Wiborg in this year’s Main Event, that is.  He lost two big hands in a row after playing for nearly 11 hours today to exit in 12th; as TD Nick said, “Poker can be a cruel game.”

The first hand saw Thomas Gallagher open under the gun for 200k (blinds 100/200) and Dave Masters move all in over the top for 1,700,000.  It was small blind Andreas Wiborg, not Gallagher, who took him on, however, moving in over the top with Ah Kh.  Masters showed pocket fours and faced a Survival Flip.

The board brought the 4d straight away on the flop, and housed Masters up on the turn, giving him a little more room to manoeuvre than he’d had for the last level.

Wiborg, on the other hand, was down to 1.1 million, a short stack at this blind level.  The very next hand, button Max Silver opened to 200,000, and that 1.1 million went over the line.  Big blind Gallagher made the call, and Silver folded.  This time the match-up was worse:

Gallagher: As Qd
Wiborg: Ah 9h

Gallagher’s dominating ace stayed in front over the run-out of the 3s 4d 6d 7d 8c board and that’s all she wrote for the Norwegian player.

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