Assorted Counts in the Main Event

So easy to typo that! Nevertheless, please enjoy this selection of chip counts acquired just now during a stroll around the tournament area.

David Lappin 100,000 – in his own words, “This is among the greatest Day 1 performances in Irish Open history,” after cracking aces, hitting a six-outer, etc etc
Max Silver 88,000 – still fully clothed despite threatening on Twitter to disrobe – sir, we have passed on your concerns about the temperature in here to the authorities, and something is being done about it right now!
John Conroy 80,000 – just won a rather large pot with KJ on a K93Q2 board against Hugh Parker, who mucked
Dermot Blain 73,000
Andy Black 68,000
Benny Glaser 66,000
Daragh Mooney 45,000
Andy Hills 35,000
Joe O’Donaill 32,500
Dara O’Kearney 30,500
Ian Simpson 30,000
Ankit Ahuja 26,000 – a result of doubling with Kh-Qd versus Oliver Frey’s 7s-7c on a 2d 6d 2s Kc 9h board
Jan Bendik 21,000
David Clarkson 19,700

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