Bas De Laat Eliminated in 17th Place (€11,500) – Two Table Redraw

With the average now over 3.1 million (blinds 40k/80k/80k), Bas De Laat, with around 1.4 million, started off his last hand in the Main Event with a limp.  This encouraged Andreas Wiborg and Jarvey Zheng to do so too in position.  Over to big blind Steven Alper who moved all in over all of these tempting limps for 1,520,000.

Back to De Laat, who stared at his 1.3 million chips left for about half a minute, before calling all-in.  The other two preflop chancers got out of the way.

De Laat: Ac Tc
Alper: Qc Js

Safe on the 8c 2h 6d flop… safe on the Td turn… tournament KO on the 9h river which made Alper a straight.  De Laat removed his had, thus expressing displeasure and resignation.  “Well played, man,” said Alper as De Laat went to collect his 17th place money.

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