Basile Busto

Not content to sit with a stack under the 157k average (at blinds 2k/4k), it seems, Nicola Basile was active preflop for a good 20 minutes before finally getting it in and losing a tournament-deciding race.  He started off this active period with a three-bet all in for 70k over the top of a raise from Benny Glaser; no call.  The next hand, he open jammed for 98,000; no call.  Minutes later he opened for 70k (intentions crystal) and Keith Johnson, who’d given him a proper soul stare the previous jam, made the call.  Flip!  Ah Kc for Johnson vs. Basile’s pocket sevens.  5c Js Kd Th Qs later, and Basile was left with 18k.

This went in straight away.  Again, Johnson called, but then had to fold when Glaser moved all-in over the top for 96k with, as it turned out, Ad Qs.  Basile tabled Kc 9s and no help came from the deck.  Down to 15.

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