Battle of the Threes and the Chip Lead Merry-go-round Keeps Spinning

Caught from a Qs Qc 3s flop, Benny Glaser led out 40k. Opponent Patrice Brandt raised to 90k; call.

Turn: 5c.  Glaser check-called 92k.

River: A brick-shaped 4d.  Both players checked and showed down threes for two pair, but Glaser’s was the 3c (which was accompanied by the 9c) while Brandt had 7h 3h.  This cemented Glaser as the three-handed chip leader with 1.1 million.

Moments later Max Silver dealt another serious blow to Brandt’s stack, on a 2h 5s 6c 9c Ac board having hit a river with Kc Xc vs Brandt’s A-K offsuit. Brandt drops to 245k while Max rises to 1 million.

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