Bechrakis Still On Top at End of Day 1b

Esteemed citizens of the internet, Day 1b of the 2019 Irish Open Main Event is over!

Surprising absolutely no-one, Evangelos Bechrakis is still top today’s chip counts with an eye-watering 364,700. He’s enjoyed a massive chip lead since at least the dinner break, and indeed he is the current overall chip daddy, with Day 1a chip leader Thomas Kolnes in second place on 278,000. In second place today, and third place overall, is none other than Max Silver, fresh off his High Roller victory, who won a last-minute flip to bag up 261,300. A total of 453 entries were recorded today, and 172 of them go through to Saturday’s Day 2.

Bechrakis may be the chip leader right now, but we’re not done with Day 1’s yet. Tomorrow brings us not one but two more starting flights – Day 1c beginning at 2pm and following the usual 60-minute levels format, and then the turbo-format Day 1d starting at 9pm and featuring action-tastic 20-minute levels. We are expecting such vast hordes to descend on the CityWest conference centre that the dealers have already coloured up all the chip denominations smaller than 5,000 from the Day 1b survivors for fear that we may run out of chips.

Elsewhere, the PLO Deepstack was won by Liam Whitty (right), while the ongoing Ladies’ Championship final is currently occupying the livestream.

Full chip counts will follow shortly, and we’ll be back here at 2pm to bring you more explosive hands, sheepish folds, table bants, and general Irish Open craic. Until then, if you want us we’ll be in the bar.

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