Benett-Martin Running Deep for Canada

Elizabeth Benett-Martin, the lawyer & poker fan mainly responsible for the huge popularity of the Irish Open in Canada (and instigator of the Americas Cup)*, has just doubled through Steven Alper to keep her Main Event dreams alive.  Calling Alper’s preflop raise (to something around 17,000 – blinds 4k/8k/8k bb ante), Benett-Martin check-raised the 3c 5c 7h flop (15k->40k) and Alper called.

Turn: Kh.  She moved in for her remaining 93,000.  Alper got a countdown and finally made the call with the nut flush draw.  She held Kc 9c, faded hearts and doubled.  Alper drops to 420,000 chips.

*And hands-down winner of Most Patches on Jacket award, Irish Open 2019

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