Benny Glaser escapes unharmed

Hot on the heels of his runner up finish in the high roller, Benny Glaser is steadily vacuuming up chips. Just now he had cause to give a few back.

Glaser opened under the gun here at the 400/800/800 level and Mitch Johnson called in the big blind.

The two players saw a flop of Jc Th 8c. Johnson checked, Glaser bet 1.8k, and Johnson called. The turn was the Kh, a tempting card to bet if there ever was one. After Johnson checked, Glaser fired 4k. Another call, a bit slower this time.

The river fell the 5s. A third check from Johnson.

After not much consideration, Glaser checked back Qd Js. Brows were slightly raised when Johnson rolled over the unraised 7h 9c. So much could have gone wrong! But somehow Glaser’s rising tower of green 5k chips were none the wiser. He’ll find himself among the chip leaders at day’s end if he stays on this pace.

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