Big Stacks Near the Bubble

Here are the biggest stacks in the room while the players are on their dinner break – that’s a pretty hefty chip lead that Firaldo’s got there. Just 239 players remain of the 1,807-strong field, and as only 223 places pay out, that means that 16 of them are not going to get paid. Blinds/ante will be 2.5k/5k/5k when they return.

Niall Farrell 1,055,000
Ronan Sweeney 750,000
Max Silver 700,000
Martin Franke von Zweigbergk 685,000
Pojan Salim 610,000
Peter Cahill 585,000
John Campbell 565,000
Mitch Johnson 510,000
Konstantinos Tsikopoulos 480,000

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