Byrne Murmurs his Disturbance (day 1c)

A large bet on a 3s 9d Td flop put Jamie Byrne (pictured) to a decision for his tournament life just now that looked both unexpected and uncomfortable to contemplate, like surprise free dessert at a restaurant at which you’ve just eaten too much that the waiter then waits expectantly for you to enjoy.

The pot preflop had grown to a modest ~3,000.  Byrne bet 2,400 and Grime simply set his shorter-stacked opponent all in with the insouciance of someone who knows they can’t bust this hand.  Looking at the 56,400 in front of Grime, Byrne murmured gently to himself (and possibly his neighbour Paul Meagher): “Top top…so many big blinds…don’t have…”  These were probably whole sentences but we are trained to keep a respectful distance while people are torturing themselves at the felt.

Finally he folded and was shown 6d 7d and told by Grimes, “Any eight, any diamond!”

“If I knew it was just two unders and the flush draw…” said Byrne, but he hadn’t known.

Byrne: 32,000
Grime: 60,000

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