Cacoilo Self-Describes as Not a Complicated Guy

Table 13 has a chatty, friendly vibe to go with the poker competitiveness (this is the Irish Open, most tables do) and early chip leader Julio Cacoilo has been having a chat with Vegard Ropstad in between taking chips off him.  Just now Ropstad opened preflop for what looked like 1,000 (blinds 200/400) and big blind Cacoilo raised him to 4,300.  The size of this bet raised the eyebrow of Ropstad, who folded.

“You got pockets?” asked Ropstad.

“I don’t want you to call,” replied Cacoilo, answering the eyebrow question rather than the pockets one.

“Well, I had pockets just below you,” lied Ropstad.

“I just want the pot – I’m not a complicated guy.”

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