“Can I take your pulse?”

David Lappin and Andy Hills are working through the early drafts of the script for their upcoming buddy cop feature.

The two walk a rather slack rope which occasionally results in the kind of conflicts generated by sitting at the same poker table. Perhaps the most interesting one so far came about when Lappin raised under the gun and only Hills called in the big blind.

A 6h 3c 5s flop came down and after being checked to, Lappin declined his option to continuation bet. The turn was the Qd, Hills led out 2.2k and Lappin called. The river was the 7d, completing the flush and putting a one-liner to a straight. Hills rather provocatively bet 10k with a bit of “in your face” flourish. Two green 5k chips crossed the line with gusto.

Anyways this necessitated a soliloquy from Mr Lappin, Mr Coupon as he is known in some circles. He announced his hand “ace queen with the queen of diamonds.” He made inquiries into whether it was within the bounds of fair play to measure at that moment Hills’ pulse. The interrogation was falling on deaf ears.

Or so we thought — because across the table someone called the clock on the garrulous Lappin.

“Do you not see that this is an overbet I am facing man!” came his protest. But a clock once called cannot be uncalled, so far as we know.

“Ah you deserve it,” the Irishman concluded, laying down a big hand to the five-figure wager. Surely Hills would have shown a bluff? Instead he just collected the chips.

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