Cosmin Chis, this tournament’s newest wrecking ball

It is hard to put some players to bed and Cosmin Chis is proving himself just that kind of player. The Romanian opened to 21k under the gun, still terrorizing table 9, and was called by Pojan Salim on his immediate left. When it came to the button in this hand, the dapper Luis Henrique Schneider, the price of poker had to go up.

Schneider three-bet to about 75k. It folded back to Chis and he moved all-in for well over 200k. Schneider did not hesitate and called.

Chis was not happy and with trepidation turned over Ah Kd.

“Why are you crying man?” inquired Schneider. He showed As Qs.

Dream spot. Cue nightmare.

The flop came Qc Ts 5h and Schneider flipped the odds into his favour. Chis had all the blood run out of his face.

Turn 4c. Only a jack or a king to stay alive for the Romanian.

River Ks.

“[Expletive deleted]!!!”

Chis could not contain himself and punched air that was quite nearly the space occupied by Salim’s head. “I thought I was going to get hit there,” the innocent bysitter said afterwards.

“I used my one time” Chis explained. No one had head this aloud. “I was thinking it …. in my mind” he added, by way of explanation.

Not a few hands after Chis knocked out James Rogan in seat 1. He’ll have his opponents calling out their one-times now.

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