Cox Eliminated; Chips Immediately Lost in Farrell’s Giant Stack

Paul Cox is one of the unlucky few who will still be leaving the Irish Open Main Event without a share in the €1,805,870 prize pool.

On a heads up flop with Niall Farrell, the pot already stood at 72,500, the board Jc 9h 3d.  Farrell checked, Cox bet 50,000 and after a quiet chip twiddle Farrell raised to 115,000.  Cox Made the call (under 160 behind).  On the 7d turn, Farrell led out 135,000 and Cox was all in, the cards on their backs in moments.

Cox: Qd Qx
Farrell: 33 for a flopped set.  Nothing came on the turn and river to reverse the situation, and Farrell adds more chips to his now rather unwieldy mountain.

Chip Counts Table 29 – a Tough One:

Paul Lagan – don’t know just moved there
Nicola Basile – 170,000 (Heads Up Champion)
Max Silver – 640,000 (High Roller Champion)
Marian Ionut Farcas – 265,000
Trygve Leite – 160,000
David Phelan – 44,000
Niall Farrell – 1,400,000
Simen Melhus – 210,000

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