Daragh Davey’s stop and go lifestyle

The handsomest man from Sligo and winner of international father of the year award, Daragh Davey just befuddled his tablemates and increased his stack with a turn stop and go.

He defended his big blind against Mark Spelman’s early position raise, which was flat called by Eamonn Connolly in middle position. Davey had had his backpack on, while seated, since dinner break, and even claimed he was comfortable as such (that is one bluff even a poker blogger could call).

In any event, a Ks 6c Ts flop checked to the in-position Connolly, who bet 2.5k. This wager Davey called and Spelman gave it a chance as well. The pot was ballooning to near enough the size of his remaining stack.

An 8s rolled off on the turn. Davey took his time, considered his options, and moved all-in for 16k. Spelman, agonized, began to visibly squirm in his seat (which left us briefly transfixed). Eventually he folded. Connolly let his hand go in shorter order.

The hirsute enigma is back near starting stack and is nearly intimidating his tablemates to boot, with his reverse psychology I-am-already-wearing-my-backpack-ready-to-stand-up mind game. More to come.

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