Silver Suffers a Setback as Masters Doubles

Max Silver must be feeling as sick as the people still drinking in the bar at 7am do right now (we see you there with your hangovers, boys) – he’s just dropped to 5.2 million courtesy of an ill-timed but ultimately successful move from Dave Masters.

Silver woke up with Q-Qd in the cutoff and opened to 325k. In the big blind, Masters found Kd-Td in the big blind, and deemed it good enough to get his 3.9 million in with again – the third time he’s gone all in so far this final table. Silver agreed that all in was the right thing to do, and quickly called. Masters soon learned the bad news, and then suddenly didn’t care any more as the board delivered 5d 7c Kh 5c 2d to double him up to 8 million. Silver is now a little below the 6 million average stack.

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