Dave Masters has a go of it, eliminated in 2nd place (€190,000); Weijie Zheng wins the Irish Open!

Weijie “Jervi” Zheng had just eliminated Thomas Gallagher with a river call, holding trips to Gallagher’s king high. Heads up poker was in the cards. But those cards were live for just one hand.

Zheng limped on the button at 200k/400k/400k and Dave Masters looked down at two cards. Without any hesitation he let it rip for just under 28 big blinds.

Zheng snap-called. On their backs.

Masters: 6d 6c

Zheng: Kh Jc

The flop came Jh Td 2d and we were two cards away from crowning an Irish Open champion. The 8d turn brought some real sweat. It was any diamond, or one of the two sixes for Masters to double and we would have a real match on our hands.

The river proved to be the last card off the deck in this, one of the biggest, most glorious Irish Opens in memory: the Tc. Dave Masters came into the final table short, spilled his guts hand after hand, and outlasted all but one. For his heroism he takes home a kingly sum of 190,000 Euros.

Weijie “Jervi” Zheng wins 300,000 Euros and is your Irish Open Champion!

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