David Crilly brutally eliminated in 6th place (€50,000)

Raymond Wheatley had just unconscionably folded pocket tens to the early position shove of Sami Agel, who turned out to have pocket eights. What a gift for Agel that was.

Not two hands thereafter, Crilly moved all-in for 2.1 million in the hijack seat. We were playing at 120k/240k/240k mind you so that was merely 8 and three quarters big blinds.

It came around to Wheatley in the big blind and he had to call 1.8 million, with 5.2 million behind. He did not look as pained as he was when he had just folded a much stronger hand. So he called. On their backs.

Kd Qc for Wheatley

As Qd for Crilly

Flop 8d 8c 2h, there were only three outs to dodge, but guess what hit the turn? Kh.

Now that call was looking much much better. Three aces to survive. The 6c appeared on the river and that was that.

“Looking forward to doing it again!” Crilly told our Laura Cornelius in spirited defeat. And he rates Zheng as the fearless favourite to survive what is now a five player tournament.

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