David versus Annette, trading quips for chips

There has been a bit of back and forth across table 18 between David Lappin and Annette O’Carroll.

It was all good craic until we approached a ballooning pot, the final board reading Ah 3h 2d Qd 6h. There was about 25k in the middle, good for a starting stack. O’Carroll wanted to play for more, and flicked a cool 8k towards the pot. The once chatty table had gotten mighty quiet.

After a little think, Lappin thought better of it.

The very next hand saw a much smaller confrontation between the two. Lappin bet the turn on a Qh Jd Ts 9c board.

“Did you flop the nuts and turn a scare card?” O’Carroll inquired in good humour as she released her hand. Lappin smiled, still above starting stack but licking his wounds.

The true sign of table captaincy, a new player joins the table and O’Carroll is the one making change for their single 25k chip. She’s up near 60k.

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