Day 1D, the fun loving and the fiercely determined

Absolute legends John Duthie and JP McCann have taken up the fight in the final Day 1 flight, the turbo 1D. The only honey magnate this side of Lewisham, Albert Sapiano has joined them for yet another go of it as well. We only have 75 names on this board, 60 remain, in part because a Ciaran Burke has jumped in and been eliminated twice in short order. Local Irish legend Shiner (aka Cathal Shine) is in the mix, along with the well determined Micky Weissmann, who is on his second bullet just in this flight. The action is fast and furious as they have a 20 minute clock to 1C’s 60 minute one, and we expect it to wrap actually a shade before 1C does properly. Really just the kind of fun anyone would look for late on a Friday night!

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