Don’t Luca Now

Marc MacDonnell in the small blind announced all in to cover Luca Stevanato in the big blind, who duly called. Stevanato was ahead with a reasonable Kd-Jc, but MacDonnell’s rather more esoteric 6c-3c triumphed, sending Stevanato to the rail a few places off the money and increasing MacDonnell’s own stack to a healthy 260k. It also left the table short-handed and in need of balancing.

“Do you need a player?” Andy Black called over from the other table.

“How much have you got?” replied MacDonnell. Then, in a threatening tone: “Come on over.”

Indeed, Black was the player sent over to balance the tables! He took his seat directly to MacDonnell’s right. Said MacDonnell: “I knew I played well for a reason.” There are 45,130 reasons up top for our remaining 14 players to play as well as they are able.

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