Don’t Mess with Masters

We can’t see what with the table in the way, but we assume that Dave Masters has some truly massive cojones under there – he’s just pushed Weijie “Jervi” Zheng off the best hand preflop, two hands in a row!

Hand 1: Jervi opened to 750k in the cutoff with Jh-8h, dominating the 6c-8c with which Masters in the big blind then decided to shove for 6.3 million. A fold from Jervi! I’d already started to write that one up as thoroughly noteworthy in itself, when on the livestream appeared…

…Hand 2: Jervi raised to 750k under the gun with Ac-Td, and in the small blind, Masters did it again for 7.5 million – dominated again, with Ah-6s! This time Jervi gave it some serious thought. He counted out a call, but didn’t push it over the line. After a while, he checked his hole cards – a sure sign that he was about to fold. And then he folded. Masters is at around 9 million now. Extraordinary.

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