Double, double, toil, and trouble

Daiva Byrne has doubled up. There was an open to 1.8k by Brian Hehir at 400/800/800, a call from Lee Millar, another call from Steven Kavanagh, and then on the button she put her stack across with what turned over to be Qh Qc. Must be nice! She was ahead of the Ah Qs of Millar, who stuck around to see five cards, the other two having tucked tail and folded. The Qd Js 4c flop looked good for the one who goes online by Baltic Blonde, but the Tc brought some drama. Like most human endeavors, the 7s did not realize said drama’s potential, meaning Byrne is “first time above starting stack today.”

Daragh Davey had a not dissimilar spot on the button, with an open from Martin Holmes and a call by Stevie Fulton in front of him. The open size this time was 2.1k, and the call was scarcely in the pot when Davey let loose 16.3k on the button with two black tens (we would find out shortly). Holmes folded but Fulton wanted more cards on their backs, and had chips to spare besides, putting in the call with As 8s, sans consternation. It was another straight sweat, 9h 6c 2s, 7c, 7s but Davey dodged for the double. 

Meanwhile 2016 champion Daniel Wilson is toiling away at table 114 with something like starting stack, grinding patiently on what nibbles and bits he can find. Title capture is difficult, title reclamation another order of difficulty altogether!

And as for trouble? Another former Irish Open Champion (2012) Niall Farrell has taken to singing his way, through his second bullet of the day. Forget talking chips, he has crooning chips now. There may be some liquid fueling his confidence in the fine art of carrying on. Sometimes, a man not named Myles once wrote, when the going gets tough and the chips are down, a pint of plain is your only man.

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