Double for Hanlon

Colm Hanlon opened to 1,400 (blinds 300/600) in early position and it folded round to big blind George Petten, who upped it to 4,000.  Back to Hanlon, who stayed still and quiet for a short time, before putting the rest of his stack over the line (it was 23,800 exactly).  Petten only had around 15,000 more than this, and took a while over his decision, which was, in the end, to call, while saying that it wasn’t a good idea.  Surely everyone who plays poker has seen that internal war going on, where the hand almost involuntarily throws chips in the middle…

Petten: Ac Qh
Hanlon: Ks Kh

Board: Jc 6h 6d Qd 4c.

Petten beat himself up about this for a bit, but Hanlon told him that his range was much wider in that spot which presumably was soothing.

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