Dream spot turns nightmare chop

John Cormack was licking his chops when we arrived to the table. He was experiencing a warm fuzzy feeling, with something approaching 300k in the middle, amidst a three-way all-in preflop. Cormack had 9d 9s, usually no powerhouse, but in this case he was living the dream. Max Silver, whose six-figure stack he covered, held Ad Kd, and Bryan Nicholson, short-stacked, turned over Ac Ks.

The flop was treacherous enough, though, 3h Jh Td. The denizens of table 15, knowing this the last hand of the night, held their collective breath.

The Qc made for punctuation and exclamation. Cormack may have let out an exasperated expletive deleted. It was for something’s sake, if you get our meaning.

The 4c river completed the board. Nicholson would split the main pot with Silver, meaning the former would add over 50% to his short stack. Meanwhile, Silver would scoop the enormous side pot, vaulting him up the chip counts to 261,300.

“Did I win?” he asked your trusty correspondent, in reference to the end of day chip lead. But despite yeoman’s work, Silver still trails today’s chip magnet Evangelos Bechrakis.


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