Enda the Road

Enda Ruane is busto after a one-two punch from Matthias Rohrer.  Both the hand that crippled Ruane and the hand that finished him off involved A-K: first off he raised to 3,200 pre (the final blind level being 500,1,000) to find Rohrer in the small blind moving all in for 32,000.  He only just covered Rohrer, and paused a moment before committing what was effectively his tournament life.

Ruane: Ad Kd
Rohrer: Qc Qd

A tiny sweat of a runner-runner flush draw after the 8c Jc 3d flop was killed by the 7c turn, and the 9h handed Rohrer the pot.

The very next hand Ruane threw his last <2bb into the middle.  Rohrer, on the button, raised to 7,000 which got rid of the blinds and tabled Ac Kh.  Ruane’s Qc Tc was perfectly live, until it wasn’t (a King turn, no draws).  Rohrer’s stack is up to 70,000 now.

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