Evangelos Bech-Raking It In

Here are a few chip counts, incorporating all the biggest stack we can see, plus a few bonus players of note. Already massive chip leader at the dinner break, Evangelos Bechrakis has apparently been on a tear and is now up to a staggering 230,000. For reference, last night’s Day 1a chip leader Thomas Kolnes¬†finished with 278k, while Seamus Cahill in second place bagged up 190k. Wide eyes emoji.

Evangelos Bechrakis 230,000
Kristof Leenen 145,000
Benny Glaser 142,000
Max Silver 135,000
Gary McGinty 130,000
Christoph Cajochen 110,000
Amir Pirbazari 105,000
Marc Shepherd 90,000
David Lappin 90,000
Kyriakos Mitsopoulos 90,000
Steven Warburton 85,000
Daniel Samson 80,000
Gary Clarke 75,000
Andy Black 75,000
Padraig Parkinson 70,000
Ankit Ahuja 68,000
Sergio Castelluccio 68,000
John Conroy 66,000
Phil Baker 57,000
Jan Bendik 33,000
Andy Hills 27,000
Evangelos Bechrakis 23,000
Phil Huxley 18,000

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