Farrell and Fara arrange a double

The ambassador of good fun, Niall “Firaldo” Farrell rocked up a bit late, but wasted no time opening the button with the blinds now at 150-300. Unfortunately, the accomplished qualifier Tomas Fara lay between him and stealing the big blind (Tomas Fara was in the small blind, in other words). From that small blind seat sprung a hearty three-bet.


There would be no folding preflop. How else would this hand qualify for the blog after all?

After Farrell called, the flop spread out Ac 4s 9d. Fara was expected to continuation bet, and did so, for 2.5k. Farrell called, nonchalantly, if you are interested in such details.

The turn card was the Js and Fara held his left arm out over the betting line, rigid, deciding what to do. Farrell on the other hand had to, at this most opportune of junctures, fend off the waitress providing his side table with libations. Fara decided on a bet of 7.7k. Farrell called.

The river was the 8h, completing some straight draws that either player, one speculates, could have been in possession of. Fara checked. Then Fara made eyes at the dealer, not sure if he had been noticed checking. But he had, all was in good order.

In position, Farrell had a 25k chip to play with, and put it over the line (Fara only had some 17k behind, if we spied it right). Snap call. Farrell had a Kh Qs bluff, and Fara the opposite Ad Ah. The former Irish Open champion is down to about 9.5k at time of this dispatch (and while you’re here, check his interview dispatch with Laura Corneilius below). Mr Fara got the pure double to over 50k.


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