Farrell’s got his grind on

Tommaso Bonini opened the pot in early position (we are in the waning moments of 3k/6k/6k) and Niall Farrell called in middle. The blinds did not come along on their little adventure and the pair saw a Qs 3s 3d flop heads-up. The action proceeded check check.

On the 6d turn, Bonini fired 15k and Farrell called quickly.

The river was the 7c and Bonini checked. Farrell took a moment to size up his opponent and his opponent’s stack. Then he cut out 2 yellow 1ks and a grey 25k chip, for a river bet of 27k. Bonini called and mucked when he saw the pocket tens of Farrell. He seemed a little irked that he could not best the chip leader in a small pot.

The man may have a reputation and 1.5 million chips, but he is not playing as fast as it seems. Just another methodically played pot, to get to the kind of bread and butter spot every elite tournament player buys groceries with — getting paid on river value bets in small pots.

We are headed into our last break of the night with 158 players remaining and we think Farrell still has the chip lead with about 1.5M.

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