Gallagher Flexes Muscles, Agel Reins it In

Recent hands have seen newly chipped-up Tom Gallagher (14 million to Zheng’s 21 million) open up, raising pre-flop with hands like Ah 8h and Qd 7d (no opposition).  An exception saw Dave Masters raise preflop with pocket queens (to 565k, blinds 120k/240k), called by Sami Agel in the big blind with Th Jc.  A flop of Tc Kd Qs held action potential, but when Agel checked, Masters bet 1.5 million (potsize) and Agel found a fold.  A few minutes later, he folded pocket sevens on the button to yet another Gallagher open.  The money jumps are, as the comms noted, large:

1 €300,000
2 €190,000
3 €125,000
4 €85,000
5 €63,520
6 €50,000

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