Gallagher Out on Massive Bluff: 3rd for €125,000

The last 15 minutes have seen some insane action on the feature table, as exemplified by these hands involving Thomas Gallagher.  WARNING: The second one is his last; may give you palpitations.

Weijie ‘Jervi’ Zheng raised to 1.2 million, with Ah 7h called by Thomas Gallagher in the big blind with 6s 8c. On a flop of 6d Jh 3h, Gallagher checked and Zheng bet 1.5 million.  Call.

Turn: Qc.  Gallagher checked, and Zheng simply announced “all in,” his 22 million chip stack almost double that of his last two opponents’ (13 million apiece).  This sledge-hammer-to-crack-nut move did get Gallagher to fold his pair, but he did not look like a totally sold believer.

And then came Gallagher’s exit.

Gallagher raised on the button to 1 million with Ks 8d, called by Weijie ‘Jervi’ Zheng with Jh Tc.  The 7s Ts 9d flop was checked by both players.  The turn brought a second ten for Zheng – the Th.  He led out for 1.5 million, and Gallagher took his turn to call.  The river was a brick-shaped 3d.  Zheng led out 5.5 million this time, and Gallagher (with a busted straight draw and King high, remember) moved all in!  Andrew Hedly and Fintan Gavin on the livestream commentary lost their minds; you could hear them from the golf course.  The excitement only increased when Zheng called to bust him.


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