Hand for Hand All-in on the bubble #1

Timothy Chung opened the button on table 3 to 15k, Douglas Henshall raised it up to 45k in the small blind, and in the big blind Joseph Wilkinson came in over the top for well over 250k. Chung folded tens apparently (if we heard correctly), and after a bit of deliberation Henshall called for about 200k. Wilkinson would survive, but would Henshall?

It was Ks Kc for Henshall and Qh Qd for Wilkinson. The flop brought the possibility of backdoor hearts, 9h 4c 3h, the turn was the 8s, and the river was the Ac. An unexciting run out given the tension. But we were hand for hand and this was merely the first of three all-ins to be resolved! Stay tuned for # 2 and #3!

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