Irish Open Day 1c Gets Ready to Storm the Citywest

It’s time for the flight of flights in the 2019 Irish Poker Open Main Event!  There are already 485 players on the tournament board (and perpetually rising), but few at their tables. This may or may not be a result of the new mini putt set up in the lobby.Some folks are stumbling in having clearly had too much of a good time. It takes three to get cards in the air, though, so those lone wolves looking to card shark will have to have a touch of patience as their fellows reach for some hair of the dog that bit them.

The €1,000,000 guarantee is already within sight and with the ability to play all four (yes, there’s a fourth Turbo Day 1 tonight) Days 1, we expect many of the familiar faces whose exits we covered over the last two days will be taking seats behind fresh stacks. The tables will be pouring out into two tournament areas today, making for heaps of fantastic poker. And what a pleasure we have to bring it to you!

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