Italo Palao Out in 10th Place (€4,670)

Italo Palao has been ninja-ing his short stack around since well before the bubble, but has finally succumbed just now at the hands of Patrice Brandt.

Palao open-shoved for just 80k (blinds/ante are 8k/16k/16k at the moment), and Brandt re-shoved from the small blind. Max Silver in the big blind enquired as to how much (A = 210k), but declined to call. His decision was soon vindicated when the cards were revealed.

Brandt: Ah-Ad
Palao: Ks-7d

Board: Jc Jh Td 7c 8h

With that, we are down to our nine-handed final table. Seat draw and chip counts to follow…

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