It’s Never Easy

Surinder Sunar, whom we were minutes ago using as the featured image for a post about short stacks eyeing Day 1d, is now coasting more easily with a stack of 50,000. The majority of this boost came in a hand vs. Paul Coughlan which started with a button open from Coughlan, called by small blind Raphael Cudina, before Sunar raised to 5,500 from the big blind. Coughlan had a gander at Sunar’s stack – c.18,000 behind – and four-bet him (the exact amount unrecorded as Sunar was all-in and called in a heartbeat).

Sunar: Kd Kh
Coughlan: 6c 6s

The flop brought the 8h 5d 4h and the comment from the all-in veteran, “It’s never easy.” He did fade the Ac 4d turn and river, though, and Coughlan dropped to 6,500.

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