Jason Tompkins, renowned short stack ninja

We would write something like ‘it takes a lot to get Jason Tompkins rattled,’ but in all honestly, we’ve never seen it happen. A bit earlier, a kerfuffle at the table adjacent dragging out, he asked us rhetorically, “Why do people get worked up?”

Maybe it is because a mile-long resume of poker success affords him some perspective, maybe it is just his nature. But in any case, we found Tompkins just as unperturbed with 6k in his stack as he had been with 36k sometime earlier.

“I had top two against aces,” he informs us without embellishment. The two cards to come in that instance were twin deuces to counterfeit him.

But there is still poker to be played, decisions to be made. We see Jason raise to 900 of his 6,000, get called by the big blind, and take it down on Ah 3d 6s with a continuation bet. Steady as she goes.

Tompkins is on his second bullet and he may need a third shortly, but you’d never know it from the look of him.

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