Ken Yau Chi gets absolutely coolered, out in 13th place (€14,000)

David Crilly had just doubled up to 4M with pocket aces when it folded to Ken Yau Chi in the small blind.

Chi raised it up 200k, 2.5 big blinds. Crilly shipped it all, for 1.6 million effective. Chi could not call faster, he held Ts Tc. Unbelievably, Crilly had aces again, As Ad.

The pot was 3.7 million, another big spot for both players. The flop came out Qs 2s 4d, offering no hope for Chi at this point. The turn was the 5h and the river the 3c. There was nothing the man could do in all worlds, in all universes, he was busting this hand barring a ten.

Meanwhile, Crilly has gone from last place to fifth in short order. That’s what aces can do for you. We are down to 12, sensibly 6 on either table.

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