Kilian empties a clip on Firaldo

It all kicked off with Tommaso Bonini raising under the gun to 16k and Niall Farrell flat calling in the hijack. It folded around to Jonas Kilian in the small blind, who squeezed to 65k, a bit over 8 big blinds at our new 4k/8k/8k level.

Bonini folded quickly and Farrell, with equal speed, made the call. Two big stacks were heads up in a three-bet pot.

The flop came down Kd 6d 2s, innocuous enough. Kilian would be well within his rights to feel that this was his board and boy did he lay claim to it. First, he fired out 40k into 152k. Farrell made the call.

The turn was the 6h. Kilian saw no reason to put on the brakes. He had aces in his range, he had kings, he had ace king. Why shouldn’t he bet? (We ask rhetorically.) 120k into 232k was the size now. Everyone seemed to realize this was a big bet and a hush fell on the table. Farrell took his time, but eventually called.

The river card landed on the table, the 5h. Final board Kd 6d 2s 6h 5h.

Kilian leaned to his left to inspect his greys; he had about 300k worth of them. Then some yellows and greens to boot. We would guess the stack size was around 400k, if a little less. The pot was already 472k and it a feeling of inevitable locomotion to it. Sure enough Kilian said “all-in” as he gathered his biggest denomination stack and pushed it across the line.

Farrell tossed a single green chip across the line and flipped 6s 7s for three of a kind with utter assurance.

“Well. I lose,” surmised Kilian as he rose from the table. The dealer pushed yet another enormous pot Farrell’s way. The havoc continues.



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