Kitt Sitting Pretty

Ascendant in chips is Tom Kitt, approaching 70,000 after two and a half levels of play.  Just passing his table we saw him pick up another tidy pot: with the blinds at 100/200 (did we mention how mouthwatering this structure is to fans of deep stacks?) Kitt opened preflop to 550.  Cutoff Nikolaos Papamakarios called, then small blind Harry Ross raised to 2,400.  Both already-invested players invested some more.

Flop: 5d 9s 8d.  All three players checked.

Turn: 3h. Ross checked, Kitt bet out 3,500 and Papamakarios alone called, in position.

River: 5h.  After a bit of quiet staring time, Kitt bet 8,000 (not far off half his opponent’s remaining stack) and Papamakarios folded.

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