Longfellow Paid on River by Duthie and Sapiano (Day 1d)

Blinds 100/200.  It looked like Charles Longfellow raised preflop to 800, called by John Duthie in position and Albert Sapiano out of it (bb).  Flop: 7h 5h Kd.  Sapiano checked, Longfellow bet 2,000, called by both opponents.  The 7s turn checked round, but when Sapiano checked a third time on the Ah river, Longfellow bet 4,000.  Duthie and Sapiano called.

Longfellow: Kh 4h
Duthie: We’ll never know; he mucked
Sapiano: Ad 6d

Longfellow increased his stack to around 32,000 (I know this doesn’t sound like a lot when we’ve got Day 1c-ers in the six figures but this is like a time machine where we’re back in level three.

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