Luke Walsh Eliminated in 11th Place (€17,500)

Luke Walsh min-raised to 200k under the gun with Jc-Ts, and Raymond Wheatley tossed in the call from the big blind with 9h-Td to see a flop. And what a flop it was – 8h 9d 7h!

Wheatley, with his top pair and up-and-down draw, checked it over. Walsh, already holding the nut straight, bet a cheeky 175k. Back to Wheatley, who made it 600k; then to Walsh, who pushed for 1.8 million – and then finally back to Wheatley, who called. Walsh was looking forward to his double up, but the gods had other ideas…

Turn: 9s – that’s trips for Wheatley, surely it couldn’t happen…

River: 8d, making Wheatley a full house. Ouch.

Thus Walsh departs the Irish Open, and 10 players remain.

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