MacDonnell’s Running Out of Chips

Marc MacDonnell faced a 25k river bet from Thomas Kolnes on a Th 5h 9d 3h Ad board, 25k already in the pot. “But that’s all my chips,” he protested. In fact, he had considerably less than that – just 18k or so. In response, Kolnes shrugged. After a moment he added, “Sorry.”

MacDonnell made the classic sign that he was about to fold and asked Kolnes if he’d show his hand. Another shrug, and MacDonnell did indeed fold. As a compromise, Kolnes showed him one – the 2h. MacDonnell struggles on with 18k going into the last level of the night.

Incidentally, Kolnes seems to have dropped a few chips along the way – even after that, he’s on maybe 135k – considerably less than the chip-leading 175k he had at the break.

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