Mama’s Favourite

In between being interviewed for a video with Laura Cornelius (watch this space) and propping up the bar, Niall Farrell and his brother* James McGinley visited the lady to whom they both refer with a mixture of fondness and wariness as Mama in the ladies’ event.  It appears from the photos that while the former was warmly received, the latter was in the process of being slapped when Mickey May happened to have her camera trained on them.  There’s always a favourite child.

When I asked them about her, it became apparent that if you wanted to come to her bar, you needed to behave yourself.  She has, according to my informants, disarmed a man who brought a shotgun through her door with sangfroid, barehanded, is (again according to the informants) fond of the c word, a fantastic friend and generally a “badass.”

*Not genetically related

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